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80% of stage hypnotists fail due to lack of professional training... don't be one of them!

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Do You Want To Get On Stage Fast?

Did you know that more than 80% of stage hypnotists fail because they didn't have the proper training?

Don't be one of them... Learn from one of the world's leading Stage Hypnotists of nearly 19 years... Watch The FREE Video NOW! 

Hypnotist Mark Anthony


I have a lot of respect for Mark Anthony and I strongly recommend studying under him. Mark is very generous with his knowledge and doesn’t hold back on anything! If you want to succeed as a stage Hypnotist it’s always beneficial if you have a good teacher. Mark was the final push I needed to do just that.

John T - Hypnotherapist/Stage Hypnotist

Mark was very attentive and explained all the content well. Being a Stage Hypnotist appealed to the entertainer in me, and I was already a working Clinical Hypnotherapist. I was fascinated with rapid inductions and wanting to learn more about stage hypnosis.

Cathy B - Hypnotherapist/Stage Hypnotist